AWS Cloudfront to s3 Photo by Amos from Stockphotos This post, yet again, serves as a message in a bottle for a future self who ever needs to set up a static website on February 8, 2023
AWS Cloudfront to s3 February 8, 2023 Photo by Amos from Stockphotos This post, yet again, serves as a message in a bottle for a future self who ever needs to set up a static website on DeFi means democratizing finance May 25, 2022 Photo by Marija Zaric on Unsplash Post DeFi summer, we are apparently in DeFi autumn(?), which suggests we are heading into DeFi winter? Or perhaps Crypto Crashing...Again May 12, 2022 Photo by Conor Samuel on Unsplash Could be the name of a song, but alas it is just crypto being crypto. This time with moar flare than usual…or just Lucky number 777 May 10, 2022 Photo by Samuel Branch on Unsplash This is a quick post about working with the ERC777 smart contract implementation from Open Zeppelin. The other Markets be nickel-and-dimin March 26, 2022 Photo by Siarhei Palishchuk on Unsplash It has been a bit since this space has been updated, but a lot has happened! Today is a little offering for State of the Crypto Union May 1, 2021 In an effort to remember how to update this blog, and to keep this area somewhat active, it is perhpas a good idea to reflect on the current crypto I Got A Shirt October 29, 2020 Following the Sia and Namebase hackathon via gitcoin I recieved a runner up prize of 250 HNS and this pretty fun shirt, but handybot also got used Own the Internet Hackathon August 25, 2020 Sia and Namebase recently held a hackathon via gitcoin in which one of the goals was to build an application with handshake, a decentralized Mongo Image Database August 15, 2020 I recently looked into how MongoDB can facilitate storing and retrieving images, and had some difficulty implementing the examples I found online. I Want AWS and Https March 20, 2020 …but how? It has been a spell since I have written here, mainly because I have been building out infrastructure for SmartPiggies. And in doing so Ah Ha Proxy April 15, 2019 (Or, take on me a server that stays up) (updated 04-20-2019) Happy Tax Day! Thank you to the company that sent me a W2 a month and a half after Don't Mine(d) Me March 31, 2019 (What a pain in the a$$) (Photo by Dominik Vanyi on Unsplash) Victory! Aaaaaaaand that was quite the exercise in futility. I had been asked to pick What's for dinner Crypto? March 30, 2019 (Or, it tastes better when someone else makes it) In this exploration of a retail investment thesis for crypto, the latest offering from companies A Serendipitous Update to Passive Income March 15, 2019 In a previous post on Passive Income in Crypto, Celsius was used as an example for making a yield on crypto deposited on their platform. Celsius is Passive Income with Cyrptocurrency March 12, 2019 Aquiring cryptocurrency is difficult. It is championed to be easy, or at the very least easier than it has been before. But it still isn’t very Cyrptocurrency Retail Investment Thesis March 9, 2019 I am putting up this site as an internet reference for my ideas, and as a collective catalog of work. In doing so, the first blog post seems to be