Some projects that I have and currently work on:


smartpiggiesSmartPiggies is an open source standard for a peer-to-peer derivatives market. It is intended for use on public blockchains. The project was conceptualized in the fall of 2018, and an mvp of the design described in the pink paper was built for EthDenver in Feburary 2019.


tokenshopTokenShop is a dApp that let's you buy Toby Tokens. Toby Tokens are Ethereum ERC-20 tokens (on mainnet and ropsten) that are redeemable in dollars from the bank of toby (i.e. me, if we meet in person). This is a social project exploring the token lifecycle with ERC-20 tokens, with the goal to complete transactions round trips for Toby Tokens. A user can buy Toby Tokens from the dApp for ether. 1 Toby Token costs $1 USD. You can buy more than a dollars worth (max $100) or less, but the tokens are purchased with ether. When we meet in person, I will reclaim the tokens in USD at the exchange rate of 1 Token = $1 USD. For reclamation you can burn them or transfer them to me or back to the shop. This is an exploration into stable tokens, with the intention of making round trips of users buying from the app, and reclaiming tokens for cash upon a personal meeting over a coffee and a good conversation. I have currently made two full transaction cycles to date. If you would like to participate there is still stock in the shop!


gsbitbotGSBitBot is a telegram bot that returns index prices for bitcoin, ethereum, gold, silver, as well as the bitcoin to ethereum ratio, and the gold to silver ratio. The app will also pull the top 10 coins from the coincap api, and trading pairs from Bittrix and Poloniex. The server crashes sometimes when exchanges go down, as they did en masse during 2018. I keep hardening against data inconsistencies, and moved the gold and silver price api to which increased stability. The bitcoin and ethereum prices are calculated from weighted averages of global exchanges. I try to keep this running as much as I can, but the crypto api space changes so much, this requires more attention than casual maintenance.

I use this for personal price information, feel free to use it too, but there are no guarantees regarding performance. If the bot is down, I will usually reset it within a day. It has most recently been running for about six months without failure, so the code is getting better. If you overwhelm the server, it will go down, so please don't :)